Short Term Accommodation Support - Respite

Engedi offer a variety of respite choices. The majority of support is provided to guests who stay at Engedi House. The house provides room for up to 3 individuals with disabilities at a time. Engedi House has a home like environment and provides a safe, private setting for service users.

If for any reason a person is unable to be accommodated at Engedi House, an alternative arrangement for respite support may be arranged. This may include;

  • In -home respite support or brokered respite through an alternate service provider
  • NDIS will come under a different category but will need to be included in your NDIS Plan


  • Provide respite support that enhances the ability of the family to continue in their role of primary care provider for the person with a disability
  • Provide a comfortable and safe environment and a positive experience for guests

Engedi House is a place of rest and relaxation providing a sense of refreshment & revitalisation