About Us

Engedi, formerly Mackay and District Respite Care Association (MDRCA) has been operating as an incorporated community-based organisation since 1985.

Our organisation was established by a group of parents, whose children had disabilities. They recognised that supporting people with disabilities could strengthen a family’s connection; and carers could promote increased independence in the care provided, in a way that worked towards living an engaging and rewarding life.

In 1987, Engedi House was built on land donated by a member of the local community for the purpose of providing a respite service to people with disabilities and their families living in the Mackay community.

Engedi was built on the underpinning philosophy and principle that each person is a valued member of society, who has a right to lead fulfilling and valued lives.  Engedi respects the diversity of all people and places high value on individual worth and dignity.

Since Engedi’s humble beginnings, the organisation has grown to provide a number of different services and support, whilst still maintaining our core values and beliefs.

Our Values

Integrity, Collaboration, Empathy, Respect and Excellence.

Our Vision

People with disabilities leading independent, fulfilling and valued lives.

  • Engedi recognises that people with disabilities have hopes, dreams, desires, needs, preferences and rights the same as the rest of the community. We believe that communities are richer through the involvement and inclusion of people with a disability as valued members of our community.                                           .
  • Engedi believes that people with disabilities belong in families, neighborhoods and communities, not just being there, but being part of the fabric of life. This means that they participate and contribute by sharing their gifts, skills and talents in everyday life.

Our Mission

Strengthening families and empowering individuals with a disability to lead fulfilling and valued lives.

Our mission is built from our vision, guided by our values and beliefs and is the premise of our foundation. It sets our objectives and guides our direction, operation and practice. It is continually referred to so that all decisions remain in keeping with what we believe in and stand for.

Engedi prides itself on being truly local with all programs, services and supports provided in the Mackay area including access to our office.

“I have two gorgeous girls with disabilities in my care, so you can imagine how many services we have to deal with. Engedi are at the top of our tree, nothing is to much trouble if there is something that needs follow up, it is one in a timely manner. We wish very service were as good as them. We really appreciate everything they do for us.”