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Engedi Services

Engedi Centre Life Skills & School Holiday Programs

Learning & Lifeskills Program

Develops Skills & Builds Independence.

Includes; Cooking, healthy eating, health & personal grooming, housekeeping skills, gardening, shopping & money skill development, sewing, public transport, relationships & self-esteem.

Back to Basics - Learning & Lifeskills

The Engedi Back to Basics is a skill building program that includes basic life skills. Including: basic numeracy & literacy, cooking, shopping, basic money skills, personal grooming and communication.


Computers are used throughout all of the programs and also includes:

  • Learning the basics
  • Emails
  • Newsletter article writing
  • Using an iPad
  • Accessing the Internet

Sensory Program

Provides sensory activities that stimulate the senses. Music Therapy is held once a fortnight.

Includes; Music, pamper sessions, tactile activities, taste & smell with bread making and other food sensations & visual arts. Engedi Sensory room located at Engedi House is also included in activities.

Social Group Program

This program is good for school leavers to continue with social interactions and maintain friendships forged at school.

Activities included:

  • Coffee mornings 
  • Disco's
  • Movie days
  • Social outings
  • Fitness
  • Sporting events

Programs are run Monday to Friday at our Engedi Life Skills Centre

23 Holmes Drive Beaconsfield. Phone 49425495

Individualised Support

Community Participation/Access

Engedi provides personalised support for individuals who have a disability.

Personalised support is provided within the home environment and also in the community.

Individualised support plans are developed in collaboration with the client. This ensures that the client is receiving an individually tailored supports and services that identifies their individual needs and is compatible with the goals that they wish to achieve.

This support is usually provided on a one to one basis and must fit within your NDIS budget.


  • Provide a tailored support plan that identifies individual goals and lifestyle of each individual.
  • Support that recognises the strengths and abilities of the individual and provides scope for growth and development.
  • Social interaction
  • Supported excursions & holidays
  • Recreational activities
  • Assistance to participate in volunteer & paid employment
  • Promoting independence
  • Transitional assistance and support
  • Community access and life skills development

Supported Independent Living

Engedi provides 24 hour support to compatible individuals, in their own home environment.

Supported independent living arrangements will need to be included in your NDIS Plan. Your NDIS plan will be tailored to your specific needs and will include all supports required by each individual to live independently. These will include activities of daily living, support with household tasks such as meals, cleaning, personal care and will also include skill building.

Engedi currently provide supported independent living in 5 houses in the Mackay area. This is an area of rapid expansion for Engedi Inc. and we look forward to increasing our supported independent living services in the near future.


  • To promote independent living arrangements for people with a disability
  • Provide support for people to live independently
  • To encourage skill and capacity building

Engedi House is a place of rest and relaxation providing a sense of refreshment & revitalisation

Engedi offers a variety of respite choices. Support is provided to guests who stay at our Engedi House Respite Centre. The house provides room for up to 4 individuals with disabilities at a time. Engedi House has a home like environment and provides a safe, private setting for service users.

If for any reason a person is unable to be accommodated at Engedi House, an alternative arrangement for respite support can be arranged. This may include;

  • In -home respite support or brokered respite through an alternate service provider
  • NDIS will come under a different category but will need to be included in your NDIS Plan.


  • Provide respite support that enhances the ability of the family to continue in their role of primary care provider for the person with a disability
  • Provide a comfortable and safe environment and a positive experience for guests


Engedi is a registered NDIS provider. Apart from the above services Engedi also provides;

Funds Management - Managing and maintaining funds under a participant's NDIS Plan. An activity statement will be provided each month is desired

Support Coordination - assistance to implement your NDIS Plan. Linking and sourcing services and supports